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Sore, cracked, bleeding or damaged nipples do not have to be a rite-of-passage for every breastfeeding mother. Breastfeeding is an incredible act that satisifies not only a baby's need for food, but love, comfort and bonding. An act that should be enjoyed not only by your baby, but you Unfortuntely, for many breastfeeding mothers (especially first time mum's), painful nipples seem to be a given - at least during the early stages of breastfeeding. But it's not something we need to just simply endure – because there is a solution

SILVERETTE ® healing cups:

  • Prevent, soothe, heal and protect sore, damaged nipples from breastfeefing
  • No creams or lotions needed
  • Non-toxic and completely safe for baby
  • Easy to use and easy to care for
  • Endorsed by midwives and obstertricians all over the world